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Video Captions

Morgan Jones Video Captions

Hi. My name is Morgan Jones and I work for the South Carolina state Department of Social Services under the Division of Early Care and Education. As an outreach coordinator, I serve my state by providing families with educational materials and resources to help them make informed choices when choosing high quality child care. For me a career in state government means helping families continue to grow, thrive and succeed in this great state of South Carolina.

Colonel Leroy Taylor Video Captions

My name is Colonel Leroy Taylor, with the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. As deputy director, I get to serve my state by providing a safe and secure environment for the motoring public. For me, a career in state government means being a part of something much larger than one's self. I get to serve and help others.

Felicia Johnson Video Captions

My name is Felicia Johnson, and I work for South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority, better known as PEBA. As an IT consultant, I serve my state by assisting my fellow coworkers with computer related technical issues and support. I like working for the state because it promotes teamwork and excellence.

Holly Parker Video Captions

My name is Holly Parker and I work for the South Carolina Department of Administration. As an administrative coordinator, I serve my state by tracking and following up on various project tasks to help my agency deliver the services that we provide. I began my state career as a temporary employee during college, but I was hired into a full time position before graduating thanks to the incredible support of my team and leadership. For me, a career in state government means working alongside professionals that believe in me, invest in me, and help continue to build my career within our beautiful state South Carolina.

Regina Mayes Video Captions

My name is Regina Mayes. I work for the South Carolina Department of Corrections. I'm a recruiter. I go out and recruit qualified candidates for unlimited career opportunities. I love working for the Department of Corrections. It's provided for me opportunity and growth. It's also like a second family for me.


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