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Our state. Your future.
Discover the possibilities.

Welcome to your future in our state!

There is no better way to define your future and build your career than to work for the state of South Carolina.

We offer careers with a purpose in more than 70 state agencies.

There are many jobs where you can achieve personal success, but what about the part of you that believes making a difference matters too? Join the nearly 60,000 state employees who feel the same way and strive daily to improve the quality of life for all South Carolinians.

Our employees enjoy meaningful careers that allow them to use what they are passionate about to give back to their community and provide for them and their families.

James Studdard South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism "Working for the South Carolina State Parks, I love being part of a team with a 'can-do' attitude! Our leadership encourages us to learn new skills and come up with our own ideas to improved our parks. 'I've never done that before' is always met with the resonse 'well then, come on over and learn how to do it!' I've enjoyed operating new equipment, creating educational videos and leading park programs. There's always something new to learn."

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